IAAS co-partner : Agriculture Risk Innovation Challenge by The World Bank & Draper University, announcing the Final Results.

The World Bank & Draper University have announced the 3 winners of 2020 Innovation Challenge for Food Security & Agriculture Risk Financing in Southern Africa:
Challenge winner: Arable (USA)
Challenge winner: Fall Armyworm Alert Service – Satelligence (Ghana)
Challenge winner: CropIn (India)

Honorable Mentions awards:
🏆 Honorable Mention for Harnessing Social Media: Contribute Data Using Social Media – Injini (South Africa)
🏆 Honorable Mention for Accessibility: Saillog (Israel)
🏆 Honorable Mention for Empowerment: eSusFarm (South Africa)

The organizers express their highest gratitude to all the Challenge participants from 33 countries who submitted 120 proposals, as well as the 20 finalists who excelled in all categories across the board and presented their solutions during the 3-day ‘shark-tank’ online event running from 21-23 April 2020.

Congratulations to IAAS’s good friend, intelligent monitoring, analysis, and early warning system for fall armyworms (Taiwan) for being selected for the final.

Please refer to the following link for press release

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