Will 2022 finally spell the end for fossil fuels? Here’s what’s on the climate agenda

Euronews Green

Experts warned of “code red” for humanity if we don’t change our ways and the climate crisis was top of the agenda in international politics and company boardrooms worldwide. What should we be looking out for in the coming 12 months?

Bigger and better climate commitments at COP27

It’s crucial governments come to COP27 in Egypt with much more ambitious goals. It is expected that at the next UN climate conference, finance and emissions cuts will be in the spotlight once again.

A good year for biodiversity?

Countries will be looking to adopt the Kunming Declaration, an agreement that is essential in addressing the ongoing decline of biodiversity around the world.

More climate consequences

According to data from Ipsos’ Global Advisor survey, most of us expect the growing impact of climate change to get worse in 2022. It’s worth remembering that there is a growing awareness of how we are all impacted by the crisis.

More conscious travel and fewer flights

Travel experts say that sustainable travel is set to be one of the biggest trends in the industry next year.

No more new fossil fuel projects

This definitely feels like one we should have conquered in 2021 but there is growing momentum for change that could see the end of fossil fuels for many countries next year.


> Source: https://www.euronews.com/green/2022/01/02/will-2022-finally-spell-the-end-for-fossil-fuels-here-s-what-s-on-the-climate-agenda