Taiwan’s Fubon and Miniwiz turn surgical masks into phone chargers

Lyla Liu

As part of Fubon Financial Holding’s 60th anniversary, it teamed up with Taiwan’s Miniwiz, an eco-friendly company that upcycles waste into construction and consumer products. On this occasion, it made phone chargers out of recycled face masks.

Fubon Financial Holding Chairman, Daniel Tsai, said the company noticed that medical waste, especially surgical and face masks, has become a huge problem worldwide.

With innovative technologies developed by Miniwiz, they set up recycling spots at Fubon’s office buildings to collect unwanted face masks. They then converted them into colorful phone chargers as an anniversary gift for employees.

Tsai said he hopes the exercise will teach the public about sustainability and how it benefits the environment. He also wants to raise awareness of electricity utilization through using the charging products.

Every three minutes we can make a charger out of face masks that can reduce waste,” said Arthur Huang, the Miniwiz company founder. “Transforming local waste into a valuable product is the ultimate goal.”

Huang said that if people continue to overconsume natural resources and produce too much waste, a dystopia is not far away.