The Vice-Chairman of IAAS, Dr. Tzong Ru Lee and the Secretary-General of IAAS, Dr. Wee Liang Tan have attended the 68th United Nations (UN) Civil Society Conference at Salt Lake City, Utah and gave a speech about sustainable solutions for challenges of urban life. Dr. Lee and Dr. Tan highlighted the value of blockchain technology to ensure traceability and food security.

The Conference, described by the UN as the Organisation’s ‘premier event in the civil society calendar’, was held from 26 to 28 August 2019. It brought together representatives of civil society from around the world, and senior UN officials, to discuss a wide range of solutions to the challenges of urban life and the modern world. This year, nearly 8,000 participants from 138 countries met to discuss more than 100 topics on the agenda.

Dr. Tan illustrated this through an example of tainted medicines and counterfeit drugs. 15 years ago, prior to the development of doctrine technology, one of his doctoral students had employed a centralised system to track pharmaceutical products manufactured by her company. A unique number was assigned to every single product; and in the same manner, a unique number to every carton that contained a number of the products. Additionally, identification numbers were assigned to every point of contact along the supply chain. This way, the system could trace and track the exact movement and delivery times along the supply chain. The manufacturer could, therefore, advise its retailer that if, for example, goods arrived outside of the scheduled delivery time, they should be rejected because they are likely to be counterfeit.