IAAS supports related professional Journals to make outstanding researches and specialized applications can be applied in the industry.

International Journal of Agricultural Innovation, Technology and Globalisation is IAAS’s sponsored journal.

ISSN online:2516-1970
ISSN print:2516-1962

The journal publishes original researches and papers in three fields:

  • Agriculture Innovation. In this field, it can be extended in 3 sub-fields. One is innovation in traditional agriculture. Another is innovation in food science. And the other one is biotech innovation. The examples are innovation in production, after harvest process, consumer behavior study, and innovative agriculture supply chain management.
  • Technology Development and Application in Agriculture: For example, sensor, drone, RFID, robot, big data, cloud, Industry 4.0 applications in agriculture.
  • Agriculture Globalisation: any agriculture research has a significant impact on global trade. For example, forecast modeling for agriculture business, cross-border electronic commerce.