Millennials Go Organic

By: International Association for Agriculture Sustainability (IAAS)

Millennials, by and large, are credited for being the ones who are out to “change the world”. When it comes to the users of organic foods. The prevailing demographic of organic consumers skews in two directions. The more obvious one is consumers who are upscale (including higher educational attainment and household income), and then there is the less obvious one: younger adult consumers of the Gen Z (ages 18-24) and Millennial (ages 25-39) generations.

Millennials are leading the change in the food revolution and innovation. Over the past two years after the pandemic disrupted people’s lives, it has certainly affected their behavior for the better and encouraged them to make sustainable choices.

Millennials and younger members of Generation X tend to be the biggest users of organic foods, and much more likely than average to agree that they especially look for organic or natural foods when they shop,” says David Sprinkle, research director for Packaged Facts.

Contrary to the criticism that millennials face about eating out too much, these people are some of the healthiest eaters of any generation. They have emerged as curious, adventurous generation of home cooks, and are highly aware of their eating habits during the Covid-19 quarantine period.

But while they are cooking with global flavors, their focus is on staying local, sourcing functional ingredients, and serving friends and family in the comfort of their homes.

The one area where the coronavirus pandemic is causing massive rethinking is in what we eat, where we source our food, and how the food is produced, stored, and prepared. There is a growing awareness regarding the health benefits of a natural, balanced diet which is boosting the demand for organic, sustainable foods.

While the growing popularity of organic food isn’t new, more consumers are eating and using organic food than ever before. The growth of functional foods is increasing in demand.

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