Dr. Tzong-Ru Lee, the Vice Chairman and Dr. Kuo-Chang Fu, the Secretary-General, IAAS has visited “Shinkong iEcofun Corporation”, Taiwan on May 13, 2018, to search for the useful resource and knowledge in Taiwan.

“Shinkong iEcofun Corporation” belongs to Shinkong Group, one of the leading Conglomerates in Taiwan. SSFC launched its environmentally green business under the brand iEcofun in Mar. 2010 with the development of iEasyGrow, a new sponge-like lightweight gardening material that serves as a soil substitute for growing plants and vegetables. The company was formally established in 2012 and has been developing green products, such as creative planter pots, ecological aquariums (Aquaponics Systems), green walls, growing media and organic farming using patented far infrared technology since 2009.


綠寶時尚農園隸屬新光綠宝公司,從2009年開始致力於綠色產品的開發,有省水節能的創意花器、生態魚缸、植生牆、家庭式魚菜共生系統(Home Aquaponics systems)。