Dr. Cheng-I Wei, the Chairman, Dr. Tzong-Ru Lee, the Vice Chairman and Dr. Kuo-Chang Fu, the Secretary-General, IAAS has visited Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, Taiwan (COA) on May 24th, 2018 to discuss the future cooperation between IAAS, University of Maryland, US and COA, Taiwan and the applications of agriculture technology. We appreciate Dr. Tsung-Hsien Lin, the Minister, Dr. Chih-Sheng Chang, the Director of Department of  Science and Technology, Dr. Kuei-Sen Hsu, the Counselor of Department of Science and Technology, Dr. Wen-Chen Tu, Director of Animal Health Research Institute and  Dr. Chen-Fang Huang, Director of Livestock Research Institute, COA, Taiwan joined in the discussion.
理事長拜會農委會,感謝林聰賢主委、科技處張致盛處長、許桂森參事、家畜試驗所杜文珍所長、畜產試驗所黃振芳所長接待,討論農業科技趨勢應用 及未來與IAAS及University of Maryland合作的可能性。