Jointly, the International Association for Sustainable Agriculture (IAAS), Singapore Management University Lee Kong Chian School of Business (SMU-LKCSB) and Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions (APAARI) held a conference based on “Innovation for Sustainable Food ” at the Singapore Management University on November 27th.

The scholars and experts who are specialized in the fields of agriculture, digital innovation and green technology from America, Taiwan, India, Thailand and Singapore were invited to share their point of view on the connection between agricultural technology and business model, the sustainability of value chain in the agriculture sector and the sustainable foods in Asia-Pacific.

In addition, it is also the first anniversary of the establishment of IAAS. Through this conference, IAAS was not only celebrating the growth of the Association but also transmitting its aim; “Serving as a non-profit international organization and providing the international platform for worldwide industry owners, professionals and researchers to share their knowledge and ideas in the agriculture sector”

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本周二(11/27),國際農業永續學會(IAAS)與新加坡管理大學李光前商學院(SMU-LKCSB)及亞太農業研究機構聯盟(APAARI)共同舉辦的永續糧食數位農業創新管理研討會(The MAD Conference: Managing Agriculture DigitallyI-Innovations for Sustainable Food)於新加坡管理大學李光前商學院熱烈登場


本研討主題涵蓋度廣,但每個題材和案例皆為精典,不只吸引各路研究專家與企業精英前來取經,同時亦有不少創投業者參與,期從中了解新興農業的未來趨勢與爆發點。本研討會同時也是國際農業永續發展學會(IAAS)成立一週年之紀念活動,呼應學會的宗旨: IAAS是一個非營利、跨國、跨域的專業平台,讓具熱誠的產業專家與研究學者能自由、開放地交換經驗、共享成果及互助合作。