IAAS Agribusiness Mission Trip to Germany: Driving Innovation and Sustainability in Agri-food Technologies

Singapore – June 13, 2024

Frankfurt, Germany –10th-12th June 2024: The International Association for Agricultural Sustainability (IAAS) led a distinguished delegation on an Agribusiness Mission Trip to Germany, aimed at fostering international collaboration, innovation, and sustainable development in the agri-food sector.

Day 1: Exploring Agri-food Technologies in Frankfurt

The mission commenced on 10th June with a Business Forum at the DLG Building in Frankfurt, themed “Developing Agri-food Technologies: Policy and Business Considerations.” Esteemed speakers and panelists from Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, India, Spain, and Singapore gathered for dynamic discussions, continuing into the evening at an appreciation dinner.

The forum was inaugurated by Dr. Tan Wee Liang, Vice Chairman of IAAS, and Dr. Nils Borchard, Head of Research and Innovation at DLG e.V., who welcomed the participants.

Forum Highlights:
Session 1: Insights into alternative proteins from Singapore and Europe, featuring Valerie Pang and Ira van Eelen.
Session 2: Sustainable business models with contributions from Prof. Annie Koh, Falk W Foell and Ertan Can.
Session 3: Presentations on urban horticulture and sustainable farming systems by Johannes Gorges and Dr. Nils Borchard.
Session 4: Global perspectives on agri-food innovation from Su McCluskey, Dr. Philipp Rittershaus and Ms. Darshika Senadheera.
Session 5: Business matching opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors. They are Ms Belem Esteves, Dr. Tan Wee Liang and Dr. Michael Fu.

The day concluded with an appreciation dinner at Trattoria i Siciliani, providing further networking opportunities for delegates.

Day 2: Innovation and Collaboration in Heidelberg

On 11th June, the delegation traveled to Heidelberg, beginning with a welcome note at the Heidelberg Innovation Park. Key figures such as Mark Leinemann, Anna Romey, and Isabel Bergerhausen addressed the participants. The agenda included:

    • A company presentation by Dr. Jitin Bali from The Cultivated B.
    • Startup pitches from innovative companies like Badische Peptid & Protein GmbH, Prefiro, and Freshtaste.
    • An afternoon visit to Marmorkrebs Bioproducts, a leading innovator in sustainable aquaculture and biotechnology. Marmorkrebs Bioproducts specializes in the cultivation of marbled crayfish, known for their unique ability to reproduce asexually. This trait, combined with their adaptability and rapid growth, makes them ideal for sustainable bioproducts.
    • The day wrapped up with a networking dinner at Wirtshaus Lautenschlager in Stuttgart.

Day 3: Cutting-edge Research in Stuttgart

    • The final day, 12th June, featured visits to leading research institutions in Stuttgart. The itinerary included:
      A site visit to TREEO, focusing on sustainable agricultural practices. The delegation received a warm welcome from the TREEO team, with special thanks to Founder & Executive Director Johannes Schwegler and Dr. Stefan Ferber. The visit highlighted TREEO’s innovative data tracking for carbon sinks and their efforts in CO2 removal through tree planting.
    • An in-depth tour of the Institute of Food Science and Biotechnology at the University of Hohenheim. Prof. Julia Fritz-Steuber, Vice-Rector for Research, Young Academics, and Transfer, and Dr. Mario Jekle, Head of the Department of Plant-Based Food and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, hosted the delegation. The day was filled with exciting knowledge exchanges and promising collaboration opportunities.
    • Exploration of innovative labs and pilot plants dedicated to plant-based foods and dairy products.

The IAAS Agribusiness Mission Trip to Germany showcased groundbreaking innovations and sustainable practices in the agri-food sector, fostering valuable international collaborations. The knowledge exchanged and connections made during this trip will undoubtedly contribute to the advancement of global agricultural sustainability.

We are excited to announce that the IAAS 2025 Agribusiness Mission will be held in Sweden from September 8th to 10th, 2025. We look forward to another successful event promoting innovation and sustainability in the agri-food industry.

About IAAS

The International Association for Agricultural Sustainability (IAAS) is dedicated to promoting sustainable agricultural practices and innovations worldwide. By facilitating knowledge exchange and collaboration, IAAS aims to address global food security challenges and support the development of resilient agri-food systems.

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