Unleash Global Potential: Amplifying SG-TW Industry-Academia Research Excellence

By: IAAS Secretariat

Singapore, November 6th, 2023 — The International Association for Agricultural Sustainability (IAAS) played an instrumental role as a supporting partner in the recent convention, The Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia 2023 (AFTEA). Notably, IAAS curated a distinguished delegation of scholars and experts, including the leading researchers in agriculture and aquaculture from Taiwan. This delegation featured renowned researchers in agriculture and aquaculture, further underlining IAAS’s commitment to fostering international collaboration and knowledge exchange.  

Throughout the exhibition, countries showcased their latest agricultural technologies through pavilions representing diverse regions, including Europe, America, and Southeast Asia. Going beyond immediate contributions, IAAS strategically collaborated with the Singapore Agro-Food Enterprise Federation Limited (SAFEF), fostering effective networking for IAAS members with visitors and fellow exhibitors. This collaboration not only offered valuable insights into the intricacies of Singaporean and Southeast Asian markets but also played a pivotal role in providing showcasing opportunities for booths under the SAFEF pavilion, contributing significantly to the broader discourse on global agricultural advancements. 

On Day 3 of the Sandbox in AFTEA, IAAS and the Aquaculture Innovation Center (AIC) jointly hosted the session of ‘Unleash Global Potential: Amplifying SG-TW Industry-Academia Research Excellence’ in the afternoon.  IAAS Vice Chairman, Professor Tan Wee Liang, played a pivotal role by delivering an opening speech to welcome IAAS’s distinguished scholars from Singapore and Taiwan.  Bringing together renowned specialists in the field, the dialogues featured themes focusing on food science, aquaculture, and agriculture, presented by the following six speakers. 

Within the Food Science Innovation Dialogue, the discourse encompassed:

  1. Professor Huang Dejian, Deputy Head, Department of Food Science & Technology, National University of Singapore
    Topic: Quantitation method development for bioactive terpenoids from Antrodia cinnamomea
  2. Professor Zwe-Ling Kong, Food Science Department of National Taiwan Ocean University
    Topic: Unmet Food Needs for Innovation, Sustainability and Safety

The Aquaculture Innovation Dialogue featured:

  1. Dr. Lee Chee Wee, Director of Aquaculture Innovation Centre
  2. Mr. June-Ru Chen, Board director of Taiwan Fisheries Association
    Topic: Recent aquaculture research achievements of Taiwan FRI

The Agriculture Innovation Dialogue included:

  1. Associate Professor Liu Shao Quan, Department of Food Science & Technology, National University of Singapore
    Topic: Valorization of Food Processing Side Streams in Singapore
  2. Professor Yuan-Tay Shyu, Director of Food Safety Center, National Taiwan University
    Topic: Agri-Food value-added experiences in Taiwan

In summary, this segment of the exhibition was highly successful, underscoring IAAS’s commitment to international collaboration and knowledge exchange. The collaborative efforts throughout the event contributed to its overall success, enriching the depth of dialogue and fostering meaningful connections between scholars, experts, and industry professionals in the global agricultural community.