Miranda Mirosa

Oceania Representative

Dr. Mirosa is an Associate Professor and Director for the Consumer Food Science Programme at the Department of Food Science, University of Otago, New Zealand.

She is an Interdisciplinarian who has a background in consumer behavior research and food marketing. Her research aims to understand why people eat, what they do, why they don’t eat, what they don’t, and how we might best impact upon these choices to encourage people to choose quality, healthy and environmentally sustainable foods.

Dr. Mirosa has recently completed a Postharvest Food Loss and Waste Research Fellowship funded by the Ministry for Primary Industries and the Ministry for Business, Innovation, and Employment and represents New Zealand on the multiyear APEC-funded Food Loss and Waste project. She is a Strategic Team Leader of the New Zealand Food Safety Science Research Centre and Co-Leads the Markets and Perceptions Theme. She is also the University of Otago Lead on the New Zealand China Food Protection Network.

Dr. Mirosa currently has National Science Challenge High-Value Nutrition funding from the Consumer Insight program so is working to guide the health research programs towards “biomarkers” of health that resonate with consumers and to provide a knowledge base for businesses to leverage from when conducting their more specific market and consumer research and product design.