Michel Hernould

Plant Developmental Biology

Dr. Michel Hernould is the Professor at the University of Bordezux, France. He received his habilitation to supervise research and a university Doctorate in Life and Health Sciences in 2005.
Dr. Hernould received his Diploma d’Estudis Avançats (DEA) in Biology, Health “Regulation of Expression in Eukaryotes” at Bordeaux II University INSERM Unit 117, and his SVS Doctorate degree for Laboratory of Cellular Biology and Plant Biotechnology at Bordeaux II University. Finally, he also completed his Post-Doctoral Internship at Uppsala Genetic Center in Sweden.

Dr. Hernould developed the research programs that focused mainly in the field of Plant Developmental Biology. The programs concerned about the organogenesis of the fruit and the flower, with tomatoes being the main model. It aimed more particularly at the question of studying the relations between the genetic programs of the development of the flower and the fruit and the hormonal signaling. By this context, Dr. Hernould and his team could apprehend the regulation of the phenomena of degradation of proteins which occupy key positions in the developmental processes. Lastly, they also tested the potential involvement of these mechanisms in the regulation of plant-pathogen interactions.