The 3rd IAIC 2018 was being held in Beijing, China from 12th to 13th October, which was organized by the IAAS, APAARI and Zhongnong Futong. On the first day of the conference, the specialists from China, Finland, Norway, UK, Poland, India, Indonesia, Netherlands, Singapore, Thailand, and Taiwan, etc., were invited to present and share their point of views on Agricultural Innovation, Technology and Globalization. The second day, the business owners, professors, and students from all over the world had the extremely brilliant and inspired presentations and discussions about the topics of Agriculture Technology, Agriculture Globalization and Cross-border E-commerce, Agriculture Business Operation, and International Agriculture Festivals. After the conference, the guests and participants went to the Beijing International Urban Agricultural Science and Technology Park, to experience the newest farming technology. We appreciate the attendance and support from all the participants and the honor guests.