2021 International Agriculture Innovation Conference

By IAAS Secretariat

From AgriTech to Sustainability of Agribusiness

Continuing the initial objective of IAIC to work with educational researchers, scholars, industrialists and practitioners to raise up the international awareness of agricultural sustainability by encouraging the communication and interaction of researches: Innovative agriculture, Sustainable agriculture, Technological agriculture and investment agriculture. The other main objective of IAIC 2021 – Sustainability of Agribusiness is to seeking the innovation of agribusiness’ inheritance.

According to FAO, farming as the family enterprise stated 80% of the global farms. They play a crucial role in the economic growth of both developed and developing countries. To adopt the new generation and the new trends, the transformation from the traditional agriculture industry to agribusiness mode is the indispensable path for family farms.

IAIC2021 aims to gather experts together to discuss and study the crucial topics of agribusiness during their transformation process from family farming to agribusiness and further to the inheritance of agribusiness. Additionally, IAIC2021 added special topics that taking up the trend in recent years: Family Enterprise in Agriculture, Branding for Wineries, Protein Revolution, Agri-Product International Branding, Knowledge-based Farmer and Halal Product.

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