2021 IAAS Consulting Meeting

By: IAAS Secretariat, Jolene Lin

2021 IAAS Consulting Meeting was held on 7th July 2021 with advisors from both the academic and the industrial field. We are honored to have three new advisors joining the IAAS advisory team to provide more guidance to IAAS and its members. The meeting was focused on the discussion of agricultural responses after Covid-19. Hence, we invited three organizations to share their ongoing efforts and results in sustainable agricultural development.
Firstly, Taiwan Green Foods & Eco-agriculture Development Foundation shared the topic on “Green Production Status and Promotion”; secondly, New Bonafide Machinery Co., Ltd. shared with us about “Biomass Briquette (RDF-5)”, and to conclude, Rolling Greens Ltd. also shared with us an interesting topic on “Tiny Heroes in the Soil.”


> Source: IAAS